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yesAvignonTulipstomato red, yellow base
yesBig SmileTulipslarge golden yellow
yesDemeterTulipssuperb plum purple
yesBlue AimableTulipsvelvet lilac blue
yesEsterTulipssoft pink, lighter edge, blue base
yesKingsbloodTulipshuge current red
yesMaureenTulipslarge marble white
yesMrs. John ScheepersTulipsdeep yellow
yesQueen of BartigonsTulipssoft salmon pink
yesQueen of the NightTulipsthe best black tulip
yesRenownTulipsdeep cherry pink
yesMentonTulipsapricot rose, thin light salmon edge
yesSorbetTulipspure white with red flames
yesSweet HarmonyTulipslemon yellow with cream edge
yesShirleyTulipswhite with thin purple edge
yesBest Hand Rainbow Mixed Darwin Long StemmedTulipsall colors

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