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yesParadeTulipssignal red, largest bloom
yesOlympic FlameTulipsbright yellow with red flames
yesGolden ParadeTulipslargest golden yellow
yesDaydreamTulipsyellow with salmon apricot
yesPink ImpressionTulipsthe best largest rose pink grown
yesApeldoornTulipsbrilliant scarlet, excellent forcing
yesBeauty of ApeldoornTulipsyellow flushed apricot
yesGeneral EisenhowerTulipslarge signal red
yesGolden ApeldoornTulipsdeep yellow, black base
yesGolden OxfordTulipspure bright yellow
yesHans MayerTulipsbuttercup yellow with red flames
yesJewel of SpringTulipssoft yellow, thin red edge
yesOxfordTulipsbright red, yellow base
yesBig ChiefTulipsrosy salmon with pale lemon base
yesElizabeth ArdenTulipsdark salmon pink
yesIvory FloradaleTulipshuge ivory white
yesOllioulesTulipsdeep rose pink with ivory edges
yesOxfords EliteTulipsred broad yellow edge
yesSilverstreamTulipscream yellow flushed rose & red
yesVivexTulipsdeep carmine rose edged salmon yellow

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