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yesFebruary GoldNarcissigolden yellow trumpet
yesJennyNarcissiwhite with creamy white cup
yesMinnowNarcissisweet white with yellow cups
yesJetfireNarcissicanary yellow with orange cups
yesTete-a-TeteNarcissibuttercup yellow trumpets
yesTrue Sweet Scented JonqulsNarcissiearly fragrant yellow
yesDuke of WindsorNarcissiwhite with large ruffled golden apricot cup
yesProfessor EinsteinNarcissibroad white perianth with a very large flat deep orange cup
yesSun ChariotNarcissibright yellow with orange/red cup
yesCarltonNarcissilargest clear yellow - of all the daffodils or narcissi, this is the recommended best for naturalizing
yesFlower RecordNarcissipure white with an orange/red edged yellow cup. very free flowering naturalizer
yesFortuneNarcissilarge golden yellow flower with large range/red cup
yesIce FolliesNarcissiwhite perianth with a giant flat ruffled pale yellow cup - turns all white during blooming season. excellent naturalizer
yesBarrett BrowningNarcissipure white with small flat orange cup
yesGeraniumNarcissiwhite with orange cups. good perennial choice, fragrant
yesThalia (Orchid Narcissus)Narcissiup to 5 pure white sweet scented flowers per stem
yesCheerfulnessNarcissifragrant double white with lemon centers
yesCragfordNarcissibest early forcer - pure white with scarlet cups - fragrant, good perennial
yesSir Winston ChurchillNarcissilarge double flowers of white with apricot & yellow - very fragrant
yesYellow CheerfulnessNarcissidouble soft yellow - fragrant
yesActeaNarcissilargest white with golden yellow edged crimson cup, fragrant
yesOld Pheasant Eye (Recurvus)Narcissiold poeticus variety of reflexed white perianth with yellow eye rimmed in deep red. great naturalizer - fragrant

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