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yesBajaDaylilieslarge 6" red blooms with green throats. good form. award winner - multiflowering
yesFrans HalsDayliliesdeep rose orange with every other petal a pure yellow with greenish throat
yesHalls PinkDaylilieslow growing light pink. fine for garden or borders
yesHyperionDayliliesa delightful fragrant lemon yellow, very prolific outstanding naturalizer with an extended bloom period
yesBonnie Barbara AllenDayliliesrose pink with greenish yellow throats - large 6" blooms - a real beauty with an extended summer bloom
yesRed MagicDayliliesnonfading red with a yellow throat
yesStella de OroDayliliesbears a profusion of 3" golden yellow bell flowers. the longest blooming daylily there is - outstanding in the garden or borders
yesFulva Tawny (Europa)Dayliliesthe wild daylily seen in the countryside. orange with a little gold and red in the throat. excellent for naturalizing anywhere

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