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yesDaydreamDaffodilsyellow with a cream white cup
yesFortissimoDaffodilslarge yellow w/orange trumpet
yesLas VegasDaffodilspure white w/yellow trumpet
yesMajestyDaffodilswhite, yellow trumpet
yesSpellbinderDaffodilsgreenish yellow w/white throat
yesFinest Mixture of DaffodilsDaffodilsour mix of many different sorts, colors and flowering times are sure to give two or more flowers per bulb. these selected topsize naturalizing bulbs will produce for many years - planted 6" deep in well drained soil and left undisturbed. they are great cut flowers - just leave the foliage when cutting to ensure then coming back the following year. you will enjoy this fine mix for years to come. the best varieties for your naturalized plantings
yesAccentDaffodilswhite with salmon pink and rose cup
yesSalomeDaffodilswhite w/gold rimmed salmon pink cup
yesPassionaleDaffodilswhite, fragrant large rosy pink cup
yesChinese CoralDaffodilswhite with soft apricot pink cup
yesRosy SunriseDaffodilsivory white with coral pink cup
yesRosy WonderDaffodilswhite w/peach rimmed white cup
noPink Daffodils MixedDaffodilsbest hand mixed
yesMount HoodDaffodilsbest white w/cream in throat
yesBeershebaDaffodilslarge pure white
yesKing AlfredDaffodilsclassic rich golden yellow
yesCarltonDaffodilslargest clear yellow - of all the daffodils or narcissi, this is the recommended best for naturalizing
yesDutch MasterDaffodilsgolden yellow
yesRembrandtDaffodilsfine lemon yellow

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