Index of Selected Bulb Species

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yesCrocus SpeciosusCrocusdeep blue flowers
yesCrocus Sativus "Saffron Crocus"Crocusrare purple lilac
yesColchicum the GiantCrocuslarge deep lilac flowers
yesJoan of ArcCrocuslargest pure white
yesPickwickCrocuswhite, lilac striped, purple base
yesPurpureaCrocusextra large dark purple
yesQueen of the BluesCrocuslarge light sky blue
yesRemembranceCrocusdark blue
yesSnowstormCrocuswhite, purple base
yesStriped BeautyCrocusviolet stripes on white
yesYellow MammouthCrocusclusters of golden yellow
yesMixed Large Flowering CrocusCrocusall colors
yesCream BeautyCrocuscreamy ivory w/pale yellow
yesGipsy GirlCrocusyellow w/purple-brown stripes
yesPrince ClausCrocuslarge white with blue markings
noSnowbuntingCrocuswhite w/lilac purple base
yesLady KillerCrocuspurple edged white
yesBarrs PurpleCrocusrich purple - squirrel resistant
yesRuby GiantCrocuslarge ruby purple - squirrel resistant
yesWhitewell PurpleCrocusdeep violet purple - multiplies
yesMixed Crocus SpeciesCrocusall colors

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